We work with museums and galleries, opera and dance companies, and other cultural organisations, arranging carefully structured cultural travel programmes for high-level patron, benefactor and supporter groups. All of our travel programmes are bespoke and are entirely relevant to the institution they are designed for.

Our carefully curated travel programmes are designed as a core part of an institution’s patron programme, and allow patrons to explore destinations in the company of like-minded fellow travellers, while enjoying all the comforts of luxury touring.

We also design private cultural programmes for family, educational and other special interest groups.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that each trip offers valuable insights, high level curatorial input and privileged access to private collections, magnificent homes and historic sites, as well as behind-the-scenes and after-hours access to museums and galleries.

"Thanks for all your hard work and patience organising the China trip. It was fab, we did so many wonderful things that are unforgettable. It is going to take some time to reflect on everything we saw and did, the days were so full of interesting events."
"You gave us a wonderful trip to the Veneto, with unflappable generosity of spirit, not to mention humour, and I can’t tell you how relaxing and reassuring it was having you at the helm"
"The tour was a terrific success, a great deal of which is thanks to your meticulous preparation, and the smiling firmness with which you dealt with your flock. It gives us much confidence for the next trip."
"Thank you for making the trip to South Korea such a memorable and happy one. The organisation was impeccable - all the time-tabling worked perfectly. We saw beautiful and exclusive things and had exceptionally good meals."
"We wanted to say thank you for a wonderful trip to Venice. It was a unique insight into the Biennale and a very congenial group with whom to experience it. Great to get to know our fellow supporters better and to have your help and company throughout. We know how hard you worked to get the details right and it certainly paid off."
"We had a really wonderful time, our colleagues were such fun, and you made such a wonderful job of shepherding us around the conceptual art!"
"I just wanted to let you know that the trip to Taiwan was an absolute triumph. None of it would have been possible without your meticulous planning."
"A very special thank you for all your hard work with the St Petersburg trip!!! It was a tremendous success. Perhaps the best in terms of fun and seeing great art in best possible conditions. It was a true experience which I don’t think many could equal. Well done for pulling it off! "
"May I take the opportunity to thank you for such and amazing trip to Brazil. Such fun, wonderful tours, exciting lectures and amazing food. And above all great company."
"You have once again organized a fantastic trip for everyone, it has been a huge success. Today was a highlight, but all in all has been a splendid programme, well balanced and brilliantly arranged."
"Thank you again for everything. Magical trip."
"We send you our warmest thanks for the wonderful tour to Jordan that you arranged for us, further enhanced by your theatrical surprises such as those at Little Petra that unleashed the 'dancing Queens.'"
"What an unforgettable tour you organised for us all. It must have been clear to you from observing the group dynamic that we all had a fabulous time. The glory of Greek treasures during the day followed by stimulating dinner conversations made for a perfect trip. Thank you!"
"Many thanks for a really wonderful trip to Turin. It was a really special experience and I think we were all very grateful to you for all your work on making it run so smoothly and elegantly."
"All of your precise and thoughtful arrangements worked out beautifully, as always. Thank you so much for all of your unceasing efforts to make this trip to Istanbul the memorable trip that it was."
"China was a wonderful trip, rich in learning and friendship. You are so good at what you do but above all, so kind. Thank you."
"I was very pleased with how the visit went and felt very reassured all along that you were working with us. Very many thanks indeed for your extremely hard (but seemingly effortless!) work. "
"You are the best. We are left with the happiest of memories – it makes such a difference being looked after by such a fabulous team ... and there is always a cheerful smile."